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Version: 0.9




Authenticate to a Tecton instance using user credentials.

These credentials last for the duration of the interactive Python session. A Service Account API key can also be set in the session using set_credentials, but if user credentials are set, they will take priority over Service Account credentials.

This method will prompt you to open a link in your browser. Sign in to Tecton and it will display an authorization code to copy and paste into standard input back in your notebook.

If your interactive environment does not support standard input (for example EMR notebooks do not), you can set interactive=False and use the 2-step login flow:

tecton.login("https://<yourco>", interactive=False)

To use tecton.login(interactive=True) in a Databricks notebook, the notebook cluster must running on Databricks Runtime 11.3 or higher.


It is currently not possible to query the online store using user credentials. To use get_online_features, a Service Account API key must be set using set_credentials(tecton_api_key=<key>).


  • tecton_url (Optional[str]) – Tecton URL. (e.g.: https://<yourco> Default: None)

  • interactive (bool)

    • When set to True, you will be prompted to pass the authorization code via standard input to complete login. This relies on your interactive environment supporting Python's builtin input() function. If your environment does not support this interactive login, you can call login() with interactive=False to bypass the standard input prompt, and then pass the authorization code to tecton.login_with_code(<authorization_code>) to complete login. (Default: True)

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