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Version: 0.9

CLI Reference




--verbose / --no-verboseBe verbose
--debug / --no-debugEnable debug info.
-h, --helpSee available commands and options for commands. Flag can be added to any command to see available options for that command.


access-control Manage Access Controls.

api-key Interact with Tecton API keys.

apply Compare your local feature definitions with remote state and apply local changes to the remote.

completion Generates a shell script to set up tab completion for Tecton. Zsh, bash, and fish shells are supported.

destroy Destroy all registered objects in this workspace.

environment Manage environments for ODFV execution.

freshness View feature freshness for Feature Views in the current workspace.

init Initialize the feature repo.

log View log of past tecton apply.

login Log in and authenticate Tecton CLI.

materialization-status Show materialization status information for a Feature View in the current workspace.

plan Compare your local feature definitions with remote state and show the plan to bring them in sync.

repo-config Manage the Tecton Repo Config.

restore Restore feature repo state to that of past tecton apply.

secrets Interact with Tecton Secrets.

service-account Manage Service Accounts.

test Run Tecton tests.

user Manage users.

version Print version.

whoami Show the current User or API Key used to authenticate with Tecton.

workspace Manipulate a tecton workspace.

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