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Welcome to Tecton's documentation!

Welcome to Tecton's documentation! Tecton is an Enterprise Feature Store. It empowers data scientists and engineers to productionize, share, monitor, and serve features.

About this documentation

Our documentation is split into the following sections, which can be accessed through the ribbon at the top of this page.

  • Overviews: This section contains explanations of concepts in Tecton. Use this section to learn about specific parts of Tecton.
  • Setting Up Tecton: This section contains information on setting up and managing Tecton. Use this section to learn about how to get started with and install Tecton.
  • Examples: This section contains examples of how to accomplish specific tasks using Tecton. Use this section to view practical examples of a common workflows.
  • Tutorial: This section is a guided walkthrough of Tecton's key functionality. Use this section to get started using Tecton, especially if you are a new user.
  • What's New: This section contains release notes.
  • FAQ: This section contains answers to commonly asked questions about Tecton.