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What is Tecton?

Tecton is the Feature Platform for production machine learning. The Tecton platform spans the entire data lifecycle of machine learning, from raw data processing to serving features that power your production applications. Trusted by Atlassian, Roblox, and many others, Tecton makes it possible to unlock improved model performance and get ML applications to production faster.

Key benefits of the Tecton Feature Platform include:

  • Rapidly experiment with new features and models: Build any feature in a notebook, and then ship to prod in a single line of code.
  • Productionize features in minutes: Reduce the time to productionize new features from months to minutes.
  • Centralize and manage features in one place: Govern features centrally to control pipeline sprawl, minimize failures, and increase reuse across teams.
  • Serve data for any production application: Serve features at any freshness, throughput, or latency requirement, backed with an enterprise SLA.
  • Ensure data correctness and consistency: Improve model accuracy with built-in point-in-time correctness and online/offline skew prevention.
  • Reduce overall system complexity: Worry less about your production application with one integrated platform instead of siloed data systems.

For a more detailed understanding of Tecton, check out the Tecton Concepts and Machine Learning Application Concepts. Or, continue scrolling for an interactive tour of the product.


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