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Version: 0.9

Data Sources


BatchSourceA Tecton BatchSource, used to read batch data into Tecton for use in a BatchFeatureView.
StreamSourceA Tecton StreamSource, used to unify stream and batch data into Tecton for use in a StreamFeatureView.
RequestSourceA Tecton RequestSource, for using request-time data in an OnDemandFeatureView.

Batch Configuration

Configuration for Batch Sources.

FileConfigConfiguration used to reference a file or directory (S3, etc.)
HiveConfigConfiguration used to reference a Hive table.
RedshiftConfigConfiguration used to reference a Redshift table or query.
SnowflakeConfigConfiguration used to reference a Snowflake table or query.
UnityConfigConfiguration used to reference a Unity table.

Stream Configuration

Configuration for Stream Datasources.

KafkaConfigConfiguration used to reference a Kafka stream.
KinesisConfigConfiguration used to reference a Kinesis stream.
PushConfigConfiguration used for Stream Ingest API ingestion

Data Source Functions

Data sources created using user defined Data Source Functions.

spark_batch_configDeclare a tecton.SparkBatchConfig for configuring a Batch Source with a Data Source Function.
spark_stream_configDeclare a tecton.SparkStreamConfig for configuring a Stream Source with a Data Source Function.
pandas_batch_configDeclare a tecton.PandasBatchConfig for configuring a Batch Source with a Pandas Data Source Function

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