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Version: 0.9



This lets users configure Tecton's Offline Store (via the offline_store parameter on Batch Feature Views, Stream Feature Views, and Feature Tables).


The attributes are the same as the __init__ method parameters. See below.




  • publish_full_features (bool)
    • Only supported for Batch & Stream Feature Views. When set to True, Tecton will automatically Publish Features to Tecton's Offline Store for analysis and exploration. (Default: False)
  • publish_start_time (Optional[datetime]) – Only supported for Batch & Stream Feature Views. The start time from when we want to start publishing features. If not specified (and publish_full_features=True), all materialized features will be published. (Default: None)
  • staging_table_format (Union[DeltaConfig, ParquetConfig, None]) – Configuration for how data is written to the offline feature store. (Default: DeltaConfig(datetime.timedelta(days=1), subdirectory_override=None)

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