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Version: 0.9

Feature Launch Stages

General Availability

A feature in General Availability means:

  1. It is expected to have minimal bugs.
  2. Breaking changes will be communicated in advance, with a clear migration path.

Public Preview

A feature in Public Preview means:

  1. It may contain functional limitations or minor bugs.
  2. It may be subject to minor functional or API changes.

You can use this capability in production. Our product & CS team will check-in to collect your feedback and to educate you on best practices.

Features in Public Preview will be indicated as such in the documentation.

Private Preview

A feature in Private Preview means:

  1. It is likely to contain functional limitations or bugs.
  2. It is subject to major functional changes including breaking API changes.
  3. It is only be available for select customers upon request.
  4. It may not contain public documentation. If documented, it will be indicated as in Private Preview.

You can use this capability in production under direct guidance of our Product Managers. Where possible, we recommend using this feature on select feature services.

If you are interested in testing out a feature, please file a support ticket.

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