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Welcome to Tecton

Tecton is the fastest way to productionize your ML feature pipelines. With Tecton's Feature Store, you get:

  • Rapid engineering of production batch, streaming, and real-time data pipelines
  • Cataloging and reuse of features across ML projects through our infrastructure-as-code tooling and discovery UI
  • Automatic management of data processing jobs for backfilling features offline and serving the latest features online
  • Low latency serving API allowing models to access fresh features

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With the Tecton’s Feature Store, you have one platform serving both training and production ML systems, all with a unified set of feature definitions. Management of data processing, feature cataloging, and industrial grade serving all comes out of the box.

In the next sections we will introduce you to Tecton’s Concepts, Architecture, and Deployment strategy - everything you need to know to get your Feature Store up and running.

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If you'd like to get started with Tecton, please contact us and we can show you how Tecton can power your models and drive business results.

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