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Version: 0.6

Tecton Tutorials

The Tecton documentation offers hands-on tutorials to help you learn how to use Tecton. The tutorials cover topics such as:

  • Defining data sources, features, and feature services
  • Controlling feature materialization
  • Reading feature data for training and inference
  • Monitoring your features
  • And more.

Tecton Fundamentals Tutorial

The Tecton Fundamentals Tutorial is a comprehensive tutorial for learning the basics of working with Tecton. In this tutorial, you will build a feature pipeline to detect fraudulent transactions. The tutorial covers:

  • Creating data sources, features, and a feature service
  • Enabling materialization to pre-compute feature values
  • Retrieving feature data for model training and making predictions

This tutorial is a great place to start for new Tecton users. You can complete the Tecton Fundamentals Tutorial on Tecton on Databricks or Tecton on EMR. Get started here.

Other Tutorial-like content in these docs

There are additional tutorials available on specific areas of Tecton:

Defining Features

Reading Feature Data

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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