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Upgrade the Tecton SDK on EMR Notebook Clusters

The following instructions are for upgrading to a specific Tecton SDK version.

"Best Practices"

We highly recommend passing the Tecton SDK version as an argument to the setup script that is referenced in the upgrade steps below. If the argument is not specified, the script will pull the latest stable version of Tecton. The script is run automatically after a cluster restart.

  1. In the EMR UI, go to Clusters -> your Tecton Notebook Cluster
  2. Clone or Restart your cluster
  3. Set the bootstrap script location to s3://, if it is not already pointing to that. If using Kafka, an additional bootstrap action s3:// is required.
  4. Change the argument passed in to the desired new version number, example 0.8.0.
  5. Connect a notebook to the cluster and run the following to confirm the new version.
import tecton


Using notebook scoped PyPI packages

If you are using a notebook shared cluster we recommend using notebook scoped package installation to avoid disrupting other users of the shared Notebook cluster.

For example:


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