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Upgrade Tecton SDK on Databricks Notebook Clusters

This guide includes instructions for updating existing Notebook clusters to a different Tecton SDK version. Supported SDK versions can be found here.

In the Databricks UI, go to Clusters -> your current Tecton Notebook Cluster.

First, uninstall the existing Tecton package.

  1. Go to the Libraries tab
  2. Select the row for the existing tecton package from PyPI.
  3. Click uninstall.

Then install the new Tecton package version.

  1. Click Install New
  2. Select PyPI under Library Source
  3. Set Package to your desired Tecton SDK version, such as tecton==0.8.0 or tecton==0.8.*.

Finally, restart the Notebook cluster to use the new SDK.

  1. Click Restart
  2. Connect a notebook to the cluster and run the following to confirm the new version.
import tecton


Using notebook scoped PyPI packages

If you are using a notebook shared cluster we recommend using notebook scoped package installation to avoid disrupting other users of the shared Notebook cluster.

For example:

%pip install tecton==0.8.0 or tecton==0.8.*

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