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Version: 0.8

Create a Feature Repository

A feature repository stores feature and feature-related definitions.

Feature repositories typically use Git to allow for DevOps best practices, such as continuous integration.

Typically, you will want to create a workspace or select an existing one, prior to creating a feature repository. While creating an associated workspace is not required prior to creating a feature repository, an associated workspace is required to apply changes to a feature repository.


Prior to creating a new feature repository, follow these steps:

  • Install the Tecton CLI, if it is not already installed.
  • Authenticate to your account, using tecton login.

Creating a new feature repository

To initialize a new feature repository, create a directory where the repository will be stored, which can be anywhere within your git source tree. Then, run tecton init in this directory:

$ tecton init
Feature repository root set to /Users/alice/src/my_feature_repository

When using a previously created Tecton feature repository, you do not need to run tecton init. Instead, clone the repository via Git or otherwise.

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