04 modifying an existing feature

Now that we've successfully set up our Tecton CLI, we can begin to add, delete, and modify the contents of our production Feature Store. We'll start with a basic example - adding a feature variant.

Variants are new features that have related, but slightly differing, logic when compared to an existing feature. As a result, they are grouped with original feature from which they are derive. In this example, we'll create our own feature variant of the partner_ctr_performance feature.

Instructions for Adding a New Feature Variant

  1. Review the feature partner_ctr_performance in the Web UI.
  2. Review the feature partner_ctr_performance in your local Feature Repository and uncomment the variant that has been placed there for you. Notice the differences in the feature name, the description, and the data_lookback_period value.
  3. Apply the changes to the production environment by going to your CLI and calling tecton apply.
  4. Once the changes are accepted, review your updates in the Web UI.