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03 environment set up

Setting up Your Environment

Here, we will install the Tecton CLI and create a local copy of the Feature Store you have been interacting with through the Databricks notebook and Web UI. Once the CLI is set up, you will be able to add, modify, or delete the contents of your Feature Store.

Steps for Setting up Your Environment

  1. Install the Tecton CLI. Instructions can be found at Connecting the CLI - you can confirm the CLI has installed correctly by running tecton version in your terminal.
    1. Note: If you use a Windows machine, we require using WSL2 as your development environment.
  2. Download the tutorial repository into a folder on your local machine: git clone
  3. Call tecton login. When prompted, enter the Tecton Web UI URL provided in your "Welcome to Tecton" email. You will see a page load confirming you have successfully connected.

Successful Authentication Screen

  1. Navigate into the folder /feature_store from your repository (cd feature_store). There, call tecton apply. This will compare your local Feature Store with the production Feature Store you used with your notebook.


You may be notified of differences between the local and production state - if this occurs, it is from features your colleagues may have made during the tutorial.

If you want to override their work, you can do so by entering Y to the prompt Are you sure you want to apply this plan?

If you want to accept your colleagues changes, enter N to the prompt and enter tecton restore to bring the production state to your local environment.

Cloning the "Tecton in 10 Minutes" Notebook

You can access the "Tecton in 10 Minutes" tutorial notebook through the "Shared/" workspace in Databricks.

Locating Tutorial in Databricks

From here you can view the notebook or, using the down-arrow dropdown, clone it to your personal workspace.

Locating Tutorial in Databricks