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Each Tecton customer is provided with their own Tecton cluster which runs in AWS. Tecton connects to your data sources (e.g. Hive tables and Kinesis streams), exposes SDKs and APIs that allow you to define data transformations, runs data processing jobs to turn the raw data into machine learning features, and then provides those feature values back to you in the form a batch dataset (for training and batch predictions) or real-time feature vectors over HTTPS to feed to real-time models in production.

Deployment Options

Tecton clusters can be deployed in three different configurations based on your needs. In all cases, installations for different customers are single-tenant and therefore completely isolated. Every customer’s Tecton deployment is hosted in a separate VPC in a separate AWS sub-account.

  • SaaS Deployment: Your Tecton cluster runs in an AWS account owned by Tecton. You choose the AWS region, which is usually the one closest to where your Tecton-consuming services are hosted. We handle the initial installation for you. Ongoing software upgrades, platform updates, infrastructure updates, and security patches are automatically managed with zero downtime. This deployment model requires no manual maintenance or intervention from your team.
  • Enterprise SaaS Deployment: Your Tecton cluster is split between an AWS account managed by Tecton and an AWS account managed by your company. Tecton's core services and metadata live in Tecton's account, but all the data processing and feature data at rest are stored in your AWS account. This option keeps your data within the bounds of your AWS account while reducing the work required from your IT organization since Tecton's core systems live in Tecton's account.
  • VPC Deployment: Your Tecton cluster runs in an AWS sub-account owned by your company. All of the data processing and storage stays within this account. You grant Tecton administrative access to an AWS sub-account that you own. Tecton accesses this sub-account to manage the provisioning of the right infrastructure components (VPCs, instances, etc.). Software updates are taken care of by Tecton.

Compare Options

  SaaS Enterprise SaaS VPC
Tecton-managed updates βœ… βœ… βœ…
Tecton 24x7 on-call βœ… βœ… βœ…
Single tenant βœ… βœ… βœ…
Auto-scaled Feature Serving endpoints βœ… βœ… βœ…
Turn-key setup βœ… IT support required IT support required
Feature Serving SLO 99.95% uptime 99.95% uptime 99.95% uptime
Tecton Data Plane account πŸ”‘ Tecton πŸ”’ Customer πŸ”’ Customer
Tecton Control Plane account πŸ”‘ Tecton πŸ”‘ Tecton πŸ”’ Customer
Data Isolation in Customer Account with customer-provided KMS keys βœ… βœ…