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Version: 0.4

What is Tecton?

Tecton is the fastest way to build operational machine learning applications. It helps automate real-time decision making like fraud detection, product recommendations, and search result ranking in production applications.

Tecton is a fully-managed feature platform built to orchestrate the complete lifecycle of features, from transformation to online serving, with enterprise-grade SLAs.

With Tecton, you can:

  • Define and manage features using code in a git repository.
  • Automatically compute and orchestrate batch, streaming, and real-time feature transformations.
  • Store and serve feature data for training and inference.
  • Share, discover, and manage access to features.

See Machine Learning Application Concepts for a general intro to ML applications, Feature Stores, and Feature Platforms

Otherwise, keep scrolling for an interactive tour of the product and then continue on to Tecton Concepts to learn more.